Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen, I Present You... Beta Testing.

It can now officially be said that testing for the EMD GP40 CSX Pack is under way. The locomotives, freight cars, Quick Drive, and Standard Scenarios have been turned over for QA inspection and comment. How long this will take, we don't know. The team has done everything in their power to ensure quality in the package, even before alpha testing. But, sometimes when you are so close to a project for so long, you can suffer from  "trees in the forest" syndrome. This testing will allow us to address unseen issues before the pack gets out in the wild.

Take heart! It shant be too long.

We hope.


  1. Does this mean your asking for testers? if so I would love to step in and tsart doing something for the community. but I have to start small like beta testing. so if you need any testers, ill be available.

  2. Sorry, but we have all our beta testers; however thank you for your interest.

  3. yup and if you ever need anybody. email me at